Bluebox is a record label based in London, United Kingdom offering a platform that Allows  Artists, producers and deejays a chance to showcase their work without favor or discrimination. We noticed that most young artist produce good music but never get the chance to be played on radio stations or T.V for various reasons some of which may be termed as unfair or selective hence most either drop out or hope that one day they will be noticed. [COPYRIGHT]

With all this in mind, Bluebox Mzikii was born with the main mission to understand and promote Musical art, Culture and fashion. Through breath taking interviews with the parties concerned, digital music distribution, marketing and promotion, we at Bluebox do not intend stop there but also offer educative materials on how an artist can better promote him/her self, on and offline,how you can earn money/Royalties from the music you make.

To make sure your music gets featured on our site and via our promotional channels you can also enroll in our premium promotion plans (your music will be online within 24 hours), check them out and order from